Dating girl different religion

If yes, even if love just happens, you should stay away from these relationships for the best of you two and to avoid unnecessary pain later.

Still, after long months of researching and reflecting, I reached a point of inner spiritual and intellectual freedom upon embracing an evolved belief.There are many families and religions around the world that do not accept marriages with people of a different religion.Do you belong to one such family that will never accept your relation with the other person and at the same time you're not ready to go against your family?When we reached a standoff in understanding, we shared articles written by other people from our viewpoints.For example, I would send my partner a magazine article from Sometimes, hearing a message in a different voice can break down walls and bridge gaps in understanding.2. One night, I fiercely tried to convince my partner that he had spiritual needs even if he wasn’t identifying them as such. “It’s the feeling you get when you’re standing in the ocean at sunset, staring at the horizon, and feel both small and big at the same time.”“I get that feeling,” he said.

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We may disagree on what the “feelings” are called, but the important thing is that we both feel them and can express them safely and comfortable to each other.3.

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