Dating game contestant serial killer

Matt Murphy: His parole officer saw that and -- and called the detectives and said, "Look, there's a guy that used to be on my caseload. His name is Rodney Alcala."It had been nearly 11 years since Alcala had left 8-year-old Tali Shapiro for dead. He lived with his mother in Monterey Park, a stone's throw from the mountains where Robin's remains were located. That he -- nobody could account for his whereabouts at that time. Rodney Alcala was arrested on July 24 and charged with the kidnap and murder of Robin Samsoe. Pat Ellis | Huntington Beach Police Dept.: At one point he mentions him having a storage locker in Seattle, Washington, that the cops don't know about. Matt Murphy: So at that point, those are all the nuts and bolts that you need for a successful prosecution.

Detective Pat Ellis said Huntington Beach Police got an unexpected tip when Alcala's sister came to visit her brother in jail. …He says, "Do me a favor, get the stuff out of there. Nearly one year after Robin Samsoe's murder, prosecutors were ready.

Rodney Alcala, who was convicted of killing seven women between 19 and possibly murdered many more, took time out during his killing spree to appear on The Dating Game. The Bachelorette picked him over the other two contestants.

The Bachelorette, Cheryl, doesn’t pick up on any of this.

Martha Bashford: There was bite mark evidence where he had bitten her breast.

Equally incriminating was the evidence left on her body.

How many little girls with long, blond hair disappear that it took you three days?

" He shook my shoulders and the tears were coming down his face, too. And there are dozens upon dozens of these young women that in the pictures clearly are in positions of supreme vulnerability with Rodney Alcala.

Christine and her boyfriend had a stormy relationship. Soon after Christine disappeared, Kathy Thornton began searching for answers.

…I always thought that he had done something to her.

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