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A Brief History of Spode China Josiah Spode I was born in Staffordshire in 1733 into a family of talented potters.In those days there was no such thing as large potteries.Recent History After Josiah Spode II death, the reigns of the business were transferred to the Copeland family where the company remained until 1966, during which time the firm merged with Royal Worcester.The Copeland Spode name was used up until 1970 when the company reverted to Spode Ltd.Inspired by Whieldon’s constant experimentation and drive to improve his skills; Josiah moved on to head up the Works of Turner & Bank in the 1760s, which was by then a thriving business in a booming industry.Acquiring property in the Church Street area, allowed Josiah to take title to the entire Works, which continued production in the same place until 2008.

Through his contacts in the Oriental tea trade, Copeland was able to provide Spode with innumerable Chinese designs, which were transformed using Josiah’s unique style and influences.

Spode China has created some of the most popular tableware products and patterns the industry has ever seen.

Bone china is no longer a significant part of their range, but we have over 350 discontinued Spode tableware patterns, many of which would have been produced in the company’s heyday between the 1960s and 1990s.

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