Dating by porcelain marks

This tends to protect the use of these marks, and in general restricts them to use on pieces made in the UK.

Which marks would you select as genuine Vienna Porcelain Marks? All of the above examples were offered as genuine Royal Vienna Porcelain marked pieces on e Bay and all the asking prices were for 1000’s of dollars.

The Public Record office and the British Government tend to enforce these marks and registration numbers.

Companies located outside the UK who have reproduced items, and tried to use a facsimile of the marks or numbering system have been sued, and have had sanctions imposed against them.

Quite a number of urns, vases and especially plates are signed “Angelica Kauffmann”. If part of the base is covered with a golden shape, this shape usually hides the original manufacturers mark. Any number over 155 painted in color overglaze, is not a decorators identification number for the Vienna manufactory. Any number over 27 in blue underglaze is not a decorators number for the Vienna manufactory. Any bottom description of a decoration or scene indicates that the piece was not decorated in the Vienna manufactory.

Just because the mark is a blue underglaze shield or beehive or it’s an impressed mark doesn’t make it an authentic Vienna Porcelain mark.

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The information for this page was compiled with the assistance of the British Public Record Office, and the British Designs Registry Office. Their help, and permission to use the data, is certainly appreciated.

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