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Dating a campaigner will mean you need to get ready for all the exciting new ideas that they may have and want to share, even if you think they are absolutely ridiculous.But to a campaigner, when being in a relationship with them, they trust you more than anyone else because they feel the connection so deeply.keep the relationship progressing along until the next adventure?The magic is to complement the ENFP rather than be too much like them.Don't be fooled, it sounds like the campaigner is a huge lover, but it takes a lot for them to fall for you.They are all about mutual feelings, so if they don't have a good feeling from you, they will not go all-in.

A good match can be found in the introverted types who share the intuition function.Some people like studying astrology, other people look into other means of personalities like taking the Meyers-Briggs personality tests.If you've ever taken a personality test, you'd remember a 4 letter phrase that "defines" you.They don't just share their ideas and creative outlooks on life with just anyone.In addition to falling hard for their partner, you'll realize that they enjoy giving to their partner.

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Since they're completely devoted to you, they will make the relationship work with all they got.

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