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For sophomores, the AERO 23 classes are abbreviated history courses examining the growth and development of air power from the use of free flight balloons to the role of air power in Southeast Asia. AERO 31 (junior year) are management and leadership courses which emphasize communication skills. During your final two years each ROTC course is worth three semester hours. Marching/drill is sometimes practiced during your squadron time at Leadership Laboratory. The Air Force achieves better diversity and talent by getting officers from more than one commissioning source. ROTC duty is a demanding job; therefore, each instructor has been handpicked by the Air Force. What is the feeling of other students on campus about AFROTC cadets?

Air Force ROTC education are AERO 41, political science courses that examine American defense policy. All Det 470 AFROTC instructors possess a master's degree and all have considerable world-wide operational and deployed experience. Air Force Physical Training Uniforms (2 Sets) and the service uniform (Blues) are issued at no cost after successfully completing the Air Force Physical Fitness Assessment and meeting height/weight standards. Finally, certain social events and other AFROTC sponsored activities require the wear of the uniform.

If you are on scholarship, you incur an active duty commitment when you start the second semester of your freshman year; otherwise your commitment begins when you enter your junior year.

After being commissioned a second lieutenant, non-flying officers will serve four years of active duty, while pilots serve ten years and Air Battle Managers and Combat Systems Officers (formerly known as Navigators) serve six years after completing their training.

This delay between the time of commissioning and reporting for active duty will be of sufficient length to allow you to fulfill the requirements for a professional or master's degree. There are also Air Force Institute of Technology programs where the Air Force pays for your graduate school education.

When do I actually receive my commission as an Air Force officer?

Additionally, cadets wear the appropriate uniform all day on LLAB days.

It is one of the highlights of being a cadet at our detachment! Yes, Arnold Air Society and the Wolfpack Booster Club give cadets a chance to become involved with community and civic action projects and understand the tradition of the military environment while having fun. How am I reimbursed as a scholarship student for textbook expenses?• Apparent spamming or trolling will be removed and may cause the author(s) to be blocked from the page without notice.• Do not post copyrighted or trademarked images or graphics.Depending on your current major and your proposed major, you may lose your scholarship benefits.If you want to change your major before arriving at UNO or any of our cross town schools, call us immediately and we will give you detailed instructions on the procedure.

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