Dating a mehlin and sons piano

Upright pianos will have their serial numbers either painted onto the cast iron backplate, or stamped into the pinblock underneath. First, a how-to on where to find the serial number of your piano.Many names are owned by various existing piano companies that are not currently (2012) using some of them on their instruments.

As for the people using a stencil name, they were quite often very deceitful.

Most likely though at least 75% or more of these names will never be seen again on a piano. Kellmer Kelso Kemble Kenmore Kensington Kerschner Kershner Kirkman Kitt, Homer L. Kramer Kranich & Bach Krauss, Ernst Kreiter Krell-French Krell Kremlin Kroeger Kurtzmann L Laffargue Lagonda Lake Lakeside Lakewood Langdon Langer La Petite Leonard Lesage Lessing Lester Lexington Lighte Lindeman Linden Lindenburg Link Lipp & Sohn, Rich Little, Jewel Piano Co. Ritmuller Rogers & Sons, George Rosler Ross Spinet, Betsy Royal Rudolf S Sabel Samsung Samick Sargent Sauter, Carl Schaaf, Adam Schaeffer Piano MFG. Sherlock-Manning Sherman Clay Shill Portable Piano Shoninger Singer Smith Smith & Barnes Smith & Nixon Sohmer Sojin Sonnett Southern California Music Co. Starr Steck Steger & Sons Stein Steinberg Steinert, M.

And keep in mind that while this list is quite long it still does not contain all piano brands that have been made since the history of the piano began around 1700. Livingston Loud Love Lowery Ludwig Lyon & Healy Lyric M Madelon Madison Maeari Majestic Mannborg Mansfield Manthey, Ferd Manuelo Marantz Marchiso Marco Polo Marquette Marshall Marshall & Marshall Marshall & Mittauer Marshall & Rose Marshall & Wendell Martin Bros. Spencer Spinet Grand Spinette Standard Pneumatic Action Co. Steingraeber & Sohne Steinway & Sons Sterling Stieff Sting, The Stodart Story & Clark Story-Tone Straube Strohber Stroud Stuart & Sons Studio Stultz Stuyvesant Superscope Suttons T Tadashi Takemoto Shoten Co. Temple Thein, Otto Thiery Thomas Thompson Tiffany Tokai Tom-Thum Tonarch Tonk Tono-Phone Electric Player Toyo Trayser Tri-Con Music Group, Inc.

This page contains a huge list of piano makers and manufacturers. This listing contains hundreds of pianos in it's long history of manufacturing.

Many piano company names on this list are no longer used and the makers in some cases have been out of business for years.

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