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Tamar’s blog reads like “Sex and the Kitty” and has brought together thousands of like-minded people from around the globe.I sometimes joke that if I’d ever be single again, I’d become a crazy cat lady.But something has been happening lately to shake up everyone’s impression of cat ladies… Everyone is talking about cats, and more and more people are showing off their love for them. The rest of the world just needs to catch up and realize this. Cat Lady Box is the first-ever monthly subscription box for cat ladies – cat-themed jewelry, clothes, accessories, decor, books and more, delivered to your door every month. I am not dirty, covered in fleas and scratches, hoarding cats by the thousands, and living in squalor. My dream is to have my own cat sanctuary, after all. Over the years cats have been my best friends, soulmates, and yes, I dare to call them my children.From celebrities on social media to regular people walking down the street, cat ladies are quickly becoming a fabulous thing to be. But I am covered in the fur of my beautiful rescue cat Athena. It has nothing to do with me being childless as I have never wanted children.Don’t enquire about my profession, because then you’ll find out that I have a cat blog and that I have written a book about my cat.And definitely don’t look at my travel pictures, because then you’ll notice that the majority of them are with felines.

I’m not at all lonely – I’ve been happily married since the day I turned 21. In my opinion, the modern cat woman is a person who is, first of all, filled with compassion for other living creatures.We’re people who stand up to our own species to address the cruelty that is happening.Second, a modern cat woman is not necessarily a woman. Lastly, we love cat-themed items because cats are gorgeous!She can be single, married, straight, lesbian, old, young, skinny, fat, affluent, monetarily challenged, employed or unemployed. Somehow, somewhere along the line, the world decided that women who have cats are crazy… The “Modern Cat Lady” should be changed to read “Modern Cat Person.” It is also perpetuating a stereotype to infer that only women love cats. I believe that in this day and age NO ONE should be labeled, a victim of stereotypes or pigeon-holed by strange and antiquated definitions that are NOT based on fact!

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Today’s cat woman is not the one-dimensional stereotype the media continues to portray on TV and film.

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