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Here is an awesome list of nicknames you can use for your boyfriend you can use on the basis of his personality.

When you usually give someone a nickname you want it to be extra special and all the nicknames are usually super cute.

Here is a list os some of the best nicknames for boyfriends that you can definitely use.

If your boyfriend has a personality trait that stands out, you can definitely use one of these nicknames that suit your boyfriend’s personality.

So rather than using a word that everyone else uses (boo, bae, etc), and rather than stealing your ex’s cute nickname and reincarnating it (eeew!

), it’s time to spend a little time thinking over a brand new nickname that embodies your boyfriend’s unique personality.

Baba Ganoush Babe Babes Babette Baboo Baby Baby Angel Baby Bear Baby Boo Baby Boo-Boo Baby Boy Baby Bugaboo Baby Butter Fingers Baby Cakes Baby Cheeks Baby Doll Baby Doodle Baby Face Baby Guy Baby Kins Baby Love Baby Puff Baby-Bugga-Boo Babykins Babylicious Babysaurus Bad Boy Bad Kitty Bae Bajo Bam Bam Bambi Banana Banana Boo Bathroom Grunter Baybee Bea Beagle Bean Beanie Bear Beast Beau Beaver Bebe Bebits Bee’s Knees Berry Bestie Better Half Bff Bibbles Big Boy Big Daddy Big Guy Big Papa Big Tuna Biggie Biggy Biscuit Bitsy Blinky Blondie Blue Blue Eyes Blueberry Bola de Billar Bonbon Bond Boner Bones Boo Boo Bear Boo Boo Boo Thang Boobear Boogabear Book Worm Boormachine Boss Bossman Boy Toy Brainiac Brat Brave Heart Bright Eyes Brown Eyes Brown Sugar Brownie Brushcchi Bubba Bubbies Bubble Buns Bubbles Bubbly Buckeye Buddy Bug Bugaboo Bugaloo Bull Bum Face Bumpa Bun Buns Bun Butt Bunny Bunny Ears Bunny Love Bunny Rabbit Buppy Burning Rice Eater Buster Butter Butter Age Butterscotch Button Here is a list you can definitely use to christen your boyfriend with a super special nickname.

Calling your boyfriend with a nickname can be a special something to call your own.

Reminding your man that he is a sex machine is always a gentle ego pat.

Calling him Hot Stuff, Iron Man, Hunk, Sex Bomb, Sex God, Playboy, Big Sexy, or Rock Star will have him smiling every time you call him.

Here are fifteen nickname ideas and the reasons why he will probably dig it.

Men love being thought of as a bad boy since women are usually attracted to these personalities.

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