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It's something you CAN explain, feel GOOD about and go out and USE to market yourself and get some new clients!

In fact, if it helps, here is the ACTUAL Microsoft Word Program Poster I used*** for you to use as a template.

I just created a simple framework that told people what I would do with them to move them towards their goals and solve problems they might have.I am pretty sure that my method and constructor class is correct (if not then please correct me on it), but I am stuck on the implementation class.I am not sure how I am to use the main method to initiate two people. Scanner; public class Characteristic { public String description; //initialization of instance variables public int rating; public Characteristic(String description) private boolean is Valid( int a Rating) public void set Rating(int a Rating) public void set Rating() public int get Rating() public String get Description() public String get Description1() private boolean is Match(Characteristic other Rating) private double get Compatability Measure(Characteristic other Rating) public double get Compatability(Characteristic other Rating) Please edit the question to limit it to a specific problem with enough detail to identify an adequate answer. See the How to Ask page for help clarifying this question.This is exactly as I used it - and I have learned a LOT since then.I recommend having only 5-7 points, trying to cover less, coming up with your own name that addresses a specific problem or goal, and picking colours that tie in with your business and images that represent how your clients will FEEL once they're completed your program.

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I still coached them towards their self-defined goals, I still 'danced in the moment' during our sessions. ) a focus - which took the pressure off me, and gave them something concrete to picture themselves doing.

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