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But hey did you know that Iceland has won the Miss World competition four times?

This means that Iceland has the MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMEN in the world per capita!

However, it´s still an active date which I strongly recommend when going on a date in Iceland.

By doing something active together it contributes on lightening the mood and perhaps also the awkwardness that dates at some points consist of.

We at Wake Up Reykjavik might just repost it, as we love sharing your beautiful shots of the city!

Before travelling to Iceland, check out what´s going on at the time of your stay in Iceland. The Icelandic´s kindness feels sincere and warmhearted – not something staged or with a hidden agenda.

Also, I´ve never been greeted with so many kisses on the cheek from guys before in my life!

Dating in Iceland as foreigner is therefore something interesting for the Icelandic! Although I have many positive things to say about the Icelandic, I also in general feel they are a bit shy.

With a few beers in their blood they´re very talkative!

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