Cost of updating electrical system

That in conjunction with a complete evaluation of weather tightness, windows, doors etc.

Upgrading insulation values, quality of windows, doors can reduce the size of unit required, saving some money.

In order to save money, review your policy when it’s up for renewal each year.

Also look at what you can update or install in your home that can make a difference.

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My brother and I installed central heatpump A/C over a 3-day weekend.

Day 1, we measured and went to the supply house, (bro is a licensed contractor so we got components at approx. Day 2, we installed air handler, installed refrigerant lines, cut the return air opening and laid out the main supply and return ducts.

Day 3, we cut holes in ceiling (drywall) for vents, installed vent boots, made the ductwork connections, installed thermostat and tested the system.

We didn't finish all the ducts and vents before he had to leave, so I finished over the following week (about 9 vents total).

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