Consolidating superannuation funds

This is the easiest and quickest way to move all of your super into one account. You can contact either the fund you want to move your money into or your current fund to let them know you want to consolidate your accounts.Many funds provide a service where they will consolidate accounts on your behalf. No matter what type of work you'll be doing, you can take your super account with you.By sticking with Cbus you’ll enjoy the same history of strong, long-term performance, low fees and member benefits.Find out more about how super works and how to build your super.

When you move to a new job, you can still keep your super with Cbus.Australian Super received the Canstar 5-Star Rating for Outstanding Value Account Based Pension in 2018.Full methodology available here link available here to: https:// financial advice you receive will be provided under the Australian Financial Services Licence held by a third party and is therefore not the responsibility of Australian Super.Difference in performance is for top and bottom quartile My Super funds for a person aged 21 years with a ,000 starting salary and working to age 67.Sample returns for 53 My Super funds for the 11 years to 2018. Investments contain risk and returns are not guaranteed.

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$100,000 invested in the Statewide Super My Super option on 1 July 2013, no contributions are made into the account during this time.

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