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That dnsmasq instance listens for queries at address you do not want to use a local forwarding nameserver then configure Network Manager not to start a dnsmasq instance and not to insert that address.But I didn’t want this and I’m not going to update these files that often that it matters to me.When using the dnssec-keygen to generate the secret key I passed it the parameter “-r /dev/urandom”.We will start by copying the files so we have a backup remaining if anything goes wrong: 1.1 Copy the zone database files: We now need to add the key to the bind configuration and tell it what zones that we want it to allow updates on.I’ve included the whole contents of my file here and marked the changes that I’ve made in bold.In In this mode, Network Manager updates /etc/(still via resolvconf) to include the nameserver addresses Network Manager has for active connections.

If you use an older version of Ubuntu, then you might want to check out the old guide, that was written for Ubuntu 8.04.Network Manager is the program which (via the resolvconf utility) inserts address into Network Manager inserts that address if and only if it is configured to start an instance of the dnsmasq program to serve as a local forwarding nameserver.3.1 Edit /etc/bind/local: # # Make sure to change the ddns update style to interim: ddns-update-style interim; ignore client-updates; # Overwrite client configured FQHNs ddns-domainname ""; ddns-rev-domainname ""; # option definitions common to all supported networks... subnet netmask The configuration files now contains our secret key. We also have to give the DHCP-server the permission to read and write it’s own file.option domain-name "home.lan"; option domain-name-servers lan; default-lease-time 600; max-lease-time 7200; # If this DHCP server is the official DHCP server for the local # network, the authoritative directive should be uncommented. 5.1 Remove the general read rights from the configuration files: The dns database files are now being rewritten by the bind service.

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Information The steps in this post shows how to configure the DHCP server to automatically update the DNS records when giving out a new lease to a client computer. Before continuing These steps assumes that you already have a working copy of isc-dhcp-server and bind9 installed.

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