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True ministers of God will alert their flocks to the presence of a wolf.]There's another troubling aspect to this issue.

Even worse than knowing that Focus on the Family is working to keep this issue from the public's attention is knowing that the ministry was aware many years ago that there was a problem with Tom Papania's credibility and yet still continued to promote the man.

Well, at the same time they were trying to avoid a public relations disaster the popular audio tape was a great money-maker (but ultimately it will cost Focus).

The tape was discontinued shortly before a settlement was reached in the year 2000 with Focus on the Family by way of a confidential church based resolution initiated by one Rocky Scarfone (the man who had parts of his story stolen by Tom Papania).

One of the things that concerned the Focus leaders is that Gravano, a long-time top man in the Gambino family, makes no mention anywhere of Papania which would not be the case if Papania was the high ranking member of the family he claims to have been.) What I heard from this person who told me I had to keep quiet about it (who said he wasn't supposed to give me this info) troubled me because at the time we at the ministry were still selling Papania's tape.

If the Focus leadership had enough concern to not rebroadcast the tape then why were we still offering it to the public?

The young man (who worked in a technical department) told me that the ministry would not rebroadcast the Papania tape through its radio outlets because another person had recently offered testimony in a court of law that directly conflicted with Papania's story... I was also told that this person had written a book about his life in the mafia.

The first issue I would like to address concerns a Focus on the Family radio program that aired nationwide over a period of three days in December of 1996.

They don't provide any statements whatsoever for anyone who visits their site looking for information about the man. You can find all kinds of information about other Focus broadcasts...

yet what was once advertised as the top selling broadcast in Focus history has completely disappeared from the database with no explanation. [In 2009 an individual contacted the organization with an online inquiry asking about Tom Papania and forwarded to me the response he received.

It featured the story of Tom Papania and was made available to the Focus constituency via an audio cassette tape titled "From Mafia to Ministry" for the suggested donation of .

On the tape Papania shares a story where he makes the claim that he was a top member of a New York crime family before becoming a Christian.

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