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Examples of areas that involve respect include philosophy, profession, principles, intelligence, creativity, parenting, and personal growth processes.

Reciprocal respect will be difficult or impossible if one partner does not respect the other partner’s beliefs in those subjects.

Reciprocity is not something that can be exact, of course, because what one person can do, another person cannot.

Reciprocity and cooperation are so valuable precisely Although people have long-recognized the importance of reciprocity, Marsha Linehan explained its value in intimate relationships in her dialectical behavioral therapy theory.

To cultivate a lasting, committed relationship, both partners must have and be able to continue to nurture feelings of love for each other.

Reciprocity is developed and woven into good enough relationships, sometimes without participants knowing that is what they are doing.

It is prudent to have discussions about those issues, before committing.Likewise, a person who is highly competitive may have difficulty understanding and learning how to create reciprocity in an intimate relationship.Reciprocal relationships require a spirit of cooperation, as well as an understanding of and ability to embrace interdependence.If a relationship is important enough to them, partners will be emotionally invested in it enough to work at building and maintaining it.Commitment is sustained through the improvement of reward-cost balance in relationships.

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