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Another thing that is very stimulating sexually are fantasies. I don't have any answers for you, dear, but know that you are not alone and that someone cares and hopes that the Universe BLESSES you with your desire, sweetheart. In my profession I speak and counsel with thousands of men, and the second I share with them my experience, which is exactly the same as your's, I find them opening up and talking about the same feelings and experience.Sharing them and accepting that they exist for everyone and are not a put down to you is a great way to enhace sex. In a world were people assume that religion is dying, some guys still want to wait until marriage to have sex. They start by laughing as I describe the experience at the fertility clinics full of magazines in the waiting areas that are geared to women - Chatelaine, Style at Home, Cosmopolitan - and every brochure talking about sex and intimacy from a woman's perspective.Big difference between a man who never wants sex and a man who wants sex a few times a month and a man who will happily have sex if he’s approached, but doesn’t really initiate on his own.And the “reasons” for all of these situations would likely be very different.As a guy, I've personally experienced being 'labeled' something wrong or weird because I just don't care that much about sex.People need to get some confidence in themselves rather than point fingers (because they're not being validated with overrated nonsense about sexual needs).

They have taken on the responsibility of engaging their partner in an intimate manner If they don't want to do that, then, they have abdicated their moral right to sexual fidelity.

While an affair can destroy a relationship, it is possible that partners in the primary relationship could examine what the affair means, why it started, and find a stronger relationship together.

To understand which of these reasons applies to your situation — and to improve it — you need to talk with your partner about what you’re experiencing (or not experiencing) and your feelings about it.

When desire wanes, and the man’s experience is different than earlier in his relationship, it’s time to go to the doctor. Sometimes a man does lose attraction for his partner and no longer want to have sex with her — this is true.

Sometimes there are serious health issues that cause low testosterone, but often a man’s T-levels fall for unknown reasons, leading to reduced desire and often poorer erections. But it’s important to remember that in a long-term relationship, attraction is a complex emotion — it’s a mix of visual pleasure and sexual chemistry, as well as feelings about the relationship, like how well you get along, being able to relax together, and being respected.

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