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But a bot isn't a human, and there are some things that it isn't suited for.

Chatbots have taken off in popularity in the past five years as a way to boost the bottom line. To understand the technology’s capability, go back to its origins.

For companies, chatbots and commercial AI entered the mainstream in 2006 with the rise of IBM Watson.

Created to compete on Jeopardy, Watson had to process questions fast and retrieve information quickly.

The capability to process natural language meant that chatbots could interact more naturally with human users.

That approach meant there was pressure on the company to think through all the possible scenarios.In some cases, end users prefer to interact with a machine rather than a person. If you’re tired or upset, you may not have the energy for social interaction.However, “chatting” with a computer feels much easier.A November 2018 chatbot study by Nielsen Norman Group framed the issue in these terms: “Interaction bots were usually easily identifiable as bots, but customer-service bots were harder to recognize.Some businesses do not always disclose upfront to their customers that they are interacting with a bot. Our study participants were pleased when the business was transparent about using a bot because they could calibrate both their expectations and their language.”If you use chatbots and virtual agents at your company, manage expectations, so end users know if they’re dealing with a bot.

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