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In Salma’s cave the fire is placed in the entrance hall walls of which are black because of smoke and soot.She also has a gas stove inside the house but her preference goes to the cooking on fire.In this 20 m², Salma and her husband raise 8 children. Here as all over Iran the custom is to cover the room with carpets and sleep on in a bed made every evening.Yazd old city center, Eastern Iran Yazd has an incomparable architecture due to centuries of adaptations to its desert surroundings.Salma concocts us a soup made from milk, nuts and dried herbs served with homemade flat breads. In Salma’s Cave, Meymand, South-eastern Iran The dwellings usually consist of a single room and are windowless and dark (not just because of the lack of natural light but also because of hundreds years of soot from fires and candles).The common practice is to tear the bread into bit-sized pieces and throw them into the bowl of soup. Some dwellings have more than one room and even an attached stable or animal shelter.Kaluts, South-eastern Iran We knew two things for certain about Iran before coming: The first was that there would be a lot to see.The second was that people would be warm and friendly.

The vegetation is sparse and the horizon interrupted here and there by scattered pistachios, pomegranates or wild almonds trees.Beautiful and tempting to go there but be careful it could be dangerous.To fight against the drug smugglers from Afghanistan the east part of the Kaluts is turned into a minefield.But even with architectural innovations that permit to survive the hottest days and coldest nights, life cannot be without water.Another major innovation in this area are the qanāt, underground water channels who conduct water from the mountain’s sources by use of simple gravity to distribute the precious liquid to lower areas.

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