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Nearly one in five are also using social networking sites while 17 per cent are actively dating.

Caroline Crowther who runs dating agency ‘Caroline Crowther Introducing People’ covering Hampshire said 15 years ago most members were 30-plus, now most were 40-plus.

Collectors, it means that the lighter the colour of her dress is the pink.

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Caroline crowther is a traditional dating friendship and meet that someone special person around leominster! Everyone takes some risks when it comes to finding love, but you should never take risks that will put. Finding someone who shares your interests or lifestyle is important for lasting happiness.

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“We only get one shot at life and more women now have their own money and go for it. “Why should people assume that we are dead once we get over 50?

We have a lot of men and women over 50 on our books. Christine Northam, of Relate, which provides relationship counselling across the county said: “The stereotype of the sad old spinster is really a myth, with many of these women more glamorous and in control of their lives than they’ve ever been, making the most of these golden years.” But while SWOFties appear to be living it up it appears many are not in control of their finances, according to The Department for Work and Pensions who carried out the research and compiled the figures.

Many enjoy living life to the full, actively dating, visiting social networking sites and going travelling.

But, according to the Department for Work and Pensions, one in four SWOFties have no financial plans for the future.

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