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That isn't to say there are not the normal beggars and "open chest bb" crowd, but they are not the whole picture.On the other hand as well as some nice chatty hosts I found a few dead-bored and even rude and disinterested ones. There are a few strange quirks, like the "filter" system to let you find the hosts you want to see is generally nice and reasonable but has some oddities. Sure hope that there are no 12 year olds on this site, either side of the camera.

You have what is called the “Premium” camsite and the “Freemium” camsite.

Their tagline on the logo says "Watch Earn Enjoy", so that's fair enough. There are visitors there and when you go into free chat you get to see right away how many people are there, around 10 to 20 is common but of those only a few registered paying members, more than half are guests or silent members who don't speak up.

I've seen one of the hosts struggle for quite a bit to get her cam to broadcast. The people in chat have been very forgiving and helpful when tech issues come up and maybe it was just that moment I was there but I've generally found the viewers at to be a nice group.

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