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Nevermind, because it gets so much better a few seconds later when Bruce Willis is like “and I want to take my own team with me.” Take your own team with you? Also, Ben Affleck already has his own oil company but it has been literally 24 hours since he was working for Bruce Willis? These are the types of questions we might have time to wonder if that asteroid wasn’t coming straight for us! ) gets hit by a meteor and crashes on the asteroid.Of course, it’s hard to imagine a group this ragtag going into space, but they are the only chance we have. First stop is the international space station where there is a kooky Russian cosmonaut who has space cabin fever and then there is another 45 minute sequence involving fuel lines and space fires and oh no Ben Affleck almost dies but then he doesn’t die at all phew but then a few minutes later he almost dies again but he still doesn’t die. (You know how things in space are always crashing.) So, blah blah blah this movie is interminable, but so it is hard to drill an asteroid it turns out, and NASA is about to detonate the bomb themselves, but then Bruce Willis gives one of the most powerful speeches of all time: Acting!"The effects would be done differently because technology's changed so much," says Hensleigh, "but I like to think that it would be releasable right now, and it would be just as big a hit."Copy that. And it was not the dramatic final scene in which Bruce Willis tells Liv Tyler that he loves her and that she should take care of Ben Affleck, which is stupid and hilarious but also emotionally manipulative and a reasonable thing to make someone cry if they are open to the possibility.While Moore reportedly bristled at Willis working with younger women ( author David Sheff), Willis made it clear that a single woman could not meet his sexual needs. The impulse doesn’t go away because you have three or ten or a hundred kids.”“We try hard, but we’re animals,” he continued. View this post on Instagram The 4 most important beings on this planet and in any year from now to eternity. For the tears, the belly hurting laughter, the inside jokes, cuddles, Netflix binges, secret language, surprise sleepovers, pushing me to grow, sharing clothes and for all that is to come. You make me a better version of myself everyday and I am so excited to embark on another year with you.“We’re just donkeys walking up to the trough for food and wanting to f—k everything we see because of this unconscious agenda. You’re not thinking, Oh, there’s a good childbearer. I couldn’t ask for more magical and special souls to do life with. "You might have a chance of having a successful movie at the box office, but it increases your odds exponentially if you include really strong character stuff."Consider the chemistry between Ben and Liv, and the conflict between Ben and Bruce, who played Liv's concerned dad, and their eventual tear-jerking heroics to be the stuff summer blockbusters are made of.

And while I do not share any of my friend’s borderline-comical emotional reactions to what is ultimately an entirely cliched and ridiculous action movie, it is true that is about how an asteroid the size of Texas is going to hit the Earth, because before 9/11 that is the kind of thing that made us scared.

But prior to landing that role, of oil driller shot into space to save the world, Affleck's resume consisted of mostly supporting parts and indie films, his biggest chunk of screen time coming in Kevin Smith's 1997 romantic dramedy , and he'd yet to be a full-on leading man in a big-budget production. "Affleck, indeed, nailed the part of the beefy but sensitive A.

Despite this, Hensleigh "was enormously in support" of casting Affleck for this breakout role. J., his chiseled jaw and muscled frame serving him as well as the script.

Less than a year later, the pair welcomed their first daughter together, Rumer. As with any divorce, there are myriad reasons the marriage ultimately fell apart — and while we’ll never truly know what went down between the two, the internet has supplied us with plenty of speculation.

Moore and Willis share two additional daughters together: Scout and Tallulah (born in 19, respectively). FAX.) from her husband on her trailer wall that read: “How are you, my angel? star a whopping million, it’s a reasonable hypothesis. "Where They Are Now: Five years after finalizing her divorce from Willis, Moore wed actor Ashton Kutcher, 40.

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