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Okay, so that title is kind of a kitchen sink that probably made you say “What the ever-loving fuck?!

” But you’re going to have to take my word for it when I say all of these things are interconnected.

The black metal scene swells, Euronymous opens the record store Helvete and label Deathlike Silence Records, the insular Black Circle forms then proceeds to burn churches and commit murders, a media circus ensues, then bandmate and protegee-turned-nemesis Varg Vikernes of one-man band Burzum stabs him to death.

But of course, there’s a lot more to it than this TL; DR version.

However, in the true spirit of metal, we ain’t here to judge – we’re just observing.

I also figured I better open this essay with a few caveats: is a dramatized retelling of the formation and rise of the Norwegian black metal band Mayhem, opposed to the more documentarian efforts that preceded it.was considered the first major effort to really document the mystery shrouding the black metal scene prior to the media blitz after the church burnings, although it’s gotten flack for serving as apologia for Vikernes’ long fash-friendly history.But in predating with no emphasis on fleshing out the numerous other stories clearly present, these two films focus a great deal on Mayhem and Burzum since these acts were integral to the genre and this chapter in history.After all, I was a child in America when it all went down then by the time I got older and into music that was released around the time of my birth and early childhood, I just never got emotionally invested in this particular realm of metal history.In looking at some of the other reactions to the film though?

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