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If the serial number from the primary name server is greater than their serial number, they will do a zone update transfer. If you make a change to the zone file on the primary name server and forget to increment the serial number, the change will not be propagated to the secondary name servers even if you attempt to force a zone update transfer.The primary and secondary name servers will remain out of sync until the serial number is incremented on the primary name server.So let's go over each of these settings Fully-qualified domain name of the primary or master name server for the zone file.

Without a working DNS record, virtual websites are completely inaccessible.) But I've found that DNS is something that is not well understood by many website operators.

(Yes, there are exceptions, but I won't cover them here.) All secondary name servers create their zone files by transferring the contents from the primary name server.

Changes to the domain's resource records are made to the primary name server's zone file and are then propagated to the secondary name servers when they check for updates.

If you control the secondary name servers and the zone file doesn't change that often, then you might want to set this to as long as day (86400 seconds), especially if you can force an update on the secondary name servers if needed.

But if your secondary name servers are not under your control, then you'll probably want to set this to somewhere between 30 minutes (1800 seconds) and 2 hours (7200 seconds) to ensure any changes you make are propagated in a timely fashion.

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