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His ego has gone unchecked for so long that he truly believes the vile sentiments he spreads are somehow on a separate level than those he criticizes such as a Donald Trump or Rush Limbaugh when in reality he is no better than either.

People like Bill Maher will change, but only for the worse.To which Maher responded: The entire discussion was a dismissal of black issues, with the exception of Mark Ruffalo.This is a common thing with Maher, the issues of non white people do not matter to him and he will become angered if people of color dare discuss their issues aloud.During that segment he stated that they are "fucking idiots," for challenging Hillary Clinton on her previous comments calling black children "super predators" who they needed to "bring to heel" when campaigning for stricter criminal legislation.While discussing Ashley Williams, the woman who interrupted Hillary Clinton's speech recently, guest Mark Ruffalo stated that Williams was the only black guest there.

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He embodies the white men who believe that if other people are given a fair chance something is being taken from them, yet believe they are liberal because they have a black friend.

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