Being single better than dating

In fact, this is the first time in Scripture where extensive counsel is given to singles so it was like "new light" to the people in Corinth.There are some confusing verses in between profound counsel, so let's break it down and make sense out of it all.There are so many out there trying to play matchmaker, wondering "what's wrong with you" if you haven't "found someone" yet. Then in 1 Cor he picks up again with his counsel to singles, giving 5 reasons why you can be thankful for being single.* So, let’s go back to the original question brought out in 1 Cor 7. Maybe you have been married and are now either divorced or widowed. How do you know if you have “the gift” of singleness?Singleness is no better or worse than marriage Write that statement down and rehearse it to yourself whenever Someone says: No, Paul says it's a gift, whether it’s for a season or a lifetime. I believe that if you are single and you don't have the gift and your life is as it should be before God, that God will fulfill your desire.

1 Cor 7 teaches us that one is not better than another. The only thing that makes us less than what God would have us to be is not our marital status but our spiritual commitment.So, in Paul's initial response to their questions, he validates their desire to remain single by saying "It is good for a man not to touch a woman." In other translations, "It is good for a man not to marry."Right off the bat in 1 Cor 7 Paul says, it's okay to be single! If you’ve bought into the belief that your lack of being romantically attached to anyone makes you less of a human being, consider the counsel of Paul.In 1 Cor7:7 Paul addresses the unmarried and widows and says, "I wish everyone could get along without marrying, just as I do. God gives some the gift of a husband or wife, and others he gives the gift of being able to stay happily unmarried." (The Living Bible) Paul himself was probably a widow because he was part of the Sanhedrin and it was a rule that you had to be married.Whether married, single, divorced or widowed we should live for the glory of God.*The 5 main points are from John Mac Arthur's sermon on 1 Cor -40, but the content is mine unless I directly quote him.

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Singleness is a good gift The Corinthian church had written to Paul earlier about their church's problem with fornication (see 1 Cor 5, verse 1).

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