Yet another dating software which I want to talk about in this article.

There are several license types under which the software is being distributed: Lite v 2.1.6 – can download free of charge, being distributed under GNU license.

The demo is located over here: DGDating Platinum2010/admin/index.php?

a=v&frame=index& This is the Admin Panel of the Platinum package, the paid one.

Within and neighboring states to discuss the process of updating the north american.There are only 6 features included in the package – just register at the web-site and upload not more than 3 photos, nothing else.Besides of it, if you want to remove the copyright, you should pay 36 USD.The code is encrypted and no customization is possible, if you even want to get this package and make some modifications there. Taking into the consideration that the software is encrypted, support is very important.Medium v 1.8.4 – being distributed under GNU license as well. The set of the features here is much better than in the previous license type. If the software has errors, even the best programmer will not be able to fix those errors, as he will not have any access to the source.

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