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Activities offered include field trips, science experiments, and other enriching activities. (215) 299-1045 YMCA Achievers The YMCA provides academic support programs for 7th through 12th graders. (215) 235-6440 Don’t Fall Down In The Hood Don’t Fall Down In The Hood, a division of Institute for the Development of African-American Youth, Inc.(IDAAY), aims to reduce the high rate of recidivism of adjudicated youth, increase the targeted youth’s life skills, and improve interactions between law enforcement officers and this high risk youth population.They realized it would take more than 12 presentations to reach all the students, so they had to come up with another way.“We explored the options and found that a video could be produced by the district that would ultimately available to all district teachers, counselors and students via You Tube,” Richeson said.

This site also includes an excellent “Tips” link for parents, friends, and youth to help someone involved with dating violence.Dating violence can take place in person or electronically, such as repeated texting or posting sexual pictures of a partner online without consent.Unhealthy relationships can start early and last a lifetime.“After reading about Mr Cabrera’s interest in educating to prevent teen dating violence for his district, I knew that Jennifer Ann’s Group would be a perfect fit to collaborate with EPISD,” Richeson said.“It is our fervent hope that as students learn the warning signs of an abusive relationship, they will become intolerant of those dysfunctional relationships, not only for themselves but for others about which they are aware.” If you or someone you know is a victim of teen dating violence, you can call the National Dating Abuse Helpline at 1-866-331-9474.

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Once the video was created and posted Ponsford was the first to present it to the students.

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