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Wednesday 25/05/16 News is slowly filtering in regarding the AVA of players in clubs for the TZLC9.Some players have decided to exit the TZLC citing injuries or lack of time.PACU's Russian Chairman arrested for running around the streets in his underpants!!!(Whether it was because of PACU's win or he's just weird is anybody's guess!The ADC is considering changing the R and R to so that Pat can play in the TZLC9.... Scandal as Audi seen shaking hands with Mkul post PACUBT League match!!See Below Other News Images of ALL the Winners will be made public with the release of KFANDRA new look website The ADC is still waiting for all its members to submit the form. The BTB winner is Adu with his team the Majestic Mariners!!!!The ADC is setting up the sechedule for the TZLC9 SOON.

RUMOURS A couple of BT players rumoured to be looking to leave....

Due to its ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY, it has decided that ENOUGH is ENOUGH and the indiscipline within clubs is undesirable.

Managers that FAIL to control their squad members are also considered to be a part and parcel of the punishment.

Therefore the BOD wishes him well in the future whatever he has planned as he has decided to EXIT the TZLC, although he will most probably be continuing in the TZ sessions.

A number of players in RH will be LEAVING the TZLC so RH may be facing an uphill battle.

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