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It borders Montenegro and Kosovo to the north, Macedonia to the east, and Greece to the south. They speak Albanian, an Indo-European language with traces of Greek and Latin—and the lek is their monetary denomination, which trades at one hundred to one on the dollar.If you know nothing about "the Land of the Eagles," relax. Their food is excellent, a mélange of Greek, Turkish, and Italian cuisine, all very fresh and legume-y.On your wedding night, your father might slip a bullet into your suitcase, for your husband’s use in case you’re not a virgin.

Imagine, as when Haki was young, marrying at the age of 15, 16, 17 years old, conceivably to a husband who might be 40, 50, 60.

He spit and smoked and milked the cows, just as he put each leg through his pants in the morning.

He cursed, then acted as he pleased, living here entirely alone as he did, collecting honey from his bees.

These were the text read, or women who dressed and lived as men, in isolated regions of northern Albania, a land of ultraconservative mores. It was a mild November afternoon, and Haki stood in the bright light of his garden, smoking like the Penguin, with a cane and a cigarette holder, the embers of his Karelia butt burning angrily.

There were strict rules and reasons for this transformation, ones that had been established some 500 years earlier, as part of a medieval canon of laws known as the Kanun. I stared at the photographs for so long, pondering these questions, that I lost track of time. He wore a leather jacket, slacks hiked high, and a plaid shirt.

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Today these sworn virgins live on, but their numbers have dwindled. What happens when the society that created you no longer needs you? They were color portraits, shot recently, seemingly of old men who’d lived a little.

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