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Needless to say, that these threads were among the most viewed ones on the forum, year after year.Unfortunately, Hugh has passed away recently as most of you know, but we didn’t want to let the idea die with him.regardless of whether they are browsing the site they agreed to get pushes from or not.Obviously, they can still revoke the permission at anytime, so it’s wise to not abuse the system and keep the amount of pushes at a reasonable rate.

Since I’m always following the latest trends, I jumped on too, though later than I should have.

is actually either directly a part of the advertisers company, or they are close and exclusive partners.

So you could say the affiliate program is managed by the same people/company who are also running the offers.

Manu puts a lot of work into bringing his readers a quick sum-up of the most important things that relate to affiliate marketing, in one way or another.

NOTE: Just for the sake of making sure we are all on the same board …

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So what’s the most promising traffic type, vertical or offer type RIGHT NOW?

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