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That all-important first date is about conversation and bonding—and usually, it's a make-it-or-break-it evening.

But if you are soooo done with all the restaurant reservations and silence-filled movie dates, or if you're just needing to break out of your routine, these activities should provide the proper inspiration to think outside the box.

Buzzard writes, “Men work hard to date and pursue their girlfriend, but once they marry the girlfriend, it all stops.

The man who dated, wooed, and passionately pursued his girlfriend degenerates into the husband who merely shares a home, bills, conflict and problems with his wife.” I liked the girl, pursued the girl, got the girl….

Dave Carder, author of , states that one of the most common characteristics in couples that have affairs is a marriage marked/characterized by boredom.

Whether your marriage is boring after years of prioritizing your now adult kids over your spouse, or because you have prioritized work or young kids over your spouse, it’s time to infuse some fun back into your life, marriage, and family.

He is the genius behind the graphics and visual appeal of the guide. (Make sure you check your junk mail/spam if you don't find anything in your inbox.

, I will address some of the common obstacles to fun in marriage.

Ask the question, “How can I make my marriage the most enjoyable, fun, life-giving human relationship around?Alternative: Go and get big bowls of ramen and compete to see who finishes first.There are plenty of open-air venues like parks and rooftops that you can go to during the summer months; Even better, a lot of them have old, classic movies or shows (my first date with my husband was Hitchcock's If you and your new date are the athletic sort, what better way to bond than through a shared passion?Plus, they'll have new respect for how hard yoga is.If you both have a cause you support (or, if there's a place nearby that needs your help), consider signing up to volunteer.

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